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Save time, money and material by hiring a COACH to guide you through the start to end of your project. 

You will be empowered to make the best choices and knowledge to run your project better and smoother.

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What is a Reno coach?

How can we help ?

A renovation coach will help you determine if your project is feasible and a realistic budget for your project. There is nothing worse or more expensive than starting demolition and then finding out your plan will not work, or it will cost you far more than you expected.We help you to find the right people to hire to do the job and give you direction how to deal with them so you won't get in trouble later down the road.

Why a Reno Coach?

Bottom line, we hire coaches to do better and become more efficient. We hire a running coach to improve our form and speed… to be more efficient, expend less energy. We hire a business coach to improve productivity… to be more efficient. So, you would hire a renovation coach to avoid costly construction issues and mistakes… to have your project stay in budget and on time… being more efficient. During a remodel project, there are many unknowns if you aren’t an expert. Who do you hire first, the contractor or the architect? Is your budget realistic? For that matter, is your project realistic? Even a small kitchen remodel can be a major point of stress… Have you thought about how long you will be without your kitchen sink and counters? If these questions make you sweat a little, you’re not alone. And if you didn’t even think about it until now, hopefully you are starting to get the idea. 

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Your coach will also be your accountability partner as well as your contractor’s. You need someone to stay on top of expectations, budget, deadlines and the schedule. If one contractor isn’t showing up or they are going over budget, you want an advocate that can speak the language to figure out whether what is happening is reasonable or if your contractor is not holding up to your agreement.

A smooth construction process comes with knowledge, we are here to offer you the knowledge you need before putting your hard earned money on danger of being mishandled or wasted!

Our Specialties
Custom Homes

Are you building your
New home,
Laneway home,
Coach home,
or any accessory building in your lot?


Renovation Projects

Small or big renovation,
Kitchen renovation,
Bathroom renovation,
Basement renovation,
Secondary suite,
Rearranging your house layout?

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Commercial Projects

Opening a new restaurant,
or renovating a restaurant,
Renovating your office space,
Opening a new retail,
Renovating strata building,
Renovating a hotel, 
or any hospitality building?


Finally, you may believe that you can’t afford a renovation coach. However, many construction projects go way over budget due to mistakes, mishaps, waste of materials or poor workmanship by bad contractors. In many cases, that money, time, energy and materials wasted wouldn’t have happened with the right coach on the project.

Want to find out more about how a renovation coach can benefit your project? We would be happy to schedule a time to go over our services and how best to help you!

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